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Norma Vega Valencia

Norma VegaIf you put God first in your life, it would be transformed into something wonderful that you could never have imaginedFrom a very young age  she experienced encounters, dreams and visions with angels from heaven. From a very young age she dedicated herself to the service of the most needy. From a very young age, she belonged to groups of growth and spiritual help.  At an early age she had to face painful and very strong challenges that impacted her life in all areas. Events that led her to experience her internal universe from another dimension, a dimension of the divine and the unknown. All this happened because after multiple attempts to rescue her life and seek external help and after that she was submerged in greater fustration, sadness and depression.   She only found answers and healing when she decided to take up her case by her own hands, a case that seemed incurable for traditional medicine.  Only when she started her own research did she find the gift was deposited in her heart. She had the answers all her emptiness, traumas, problems, anguish and despair. The permanent search of her own led her to experience the kingdom of heaven within her, finding peace, love, joy and true stability for her life.  This determined way to find her own self led her to find her life purpuse, which consists of helping, orienting, training, advising all those people who need it.She found her own way and path of healing, creating her own training system that helped multiple women in the northern valley region of Colombia South America. She found Christ who was her personal trainer accompanied by her mother the Virgin Mary who also established a strong relationship with her and with the whole mystical army of angels from heaven, learning genuine techniques of divine intervention for personal, family and group help. .All the training received was technified and taken to a professional level, adapting all healing techniques to the modern and contemporary world. The constant discipline  led her to activate aura reading skills, akashic records, mediumship, imposition of hands with very positive effects for the people who received the treatment.  Every day she continues to investigate, taking this experience and personal experience to the highest level of knowledge that allows general greater progress in these fields of spiritual growth.I present my resume below, but I must clarify that I have renounced all practices and certifications shown here. I only belong to the new covenant of Christ and He is the only center of my life, He is my savior , my teacher and the owner of my life.Spiritual ProfileAngelic Reiky Healer and Specialized Channel, Trained at the Marta Cabezas Spain  Europe-School 1997Reiky Therapist level III / with More than 16000 hours of  Communitary service/ Became Reiky Master. 1997-CertifiedSpiritual Adviser & Angelic Therapist 1997Universal Energy Level 4 Therapist 1997-CertifiedSacred & Transcendental Psychology Therapist Due to strict discipline practices1997Akashic Records Expert Therapist 1999-Due to strict discipline practices 1999Ishaya Therapist 1999-Certified-Due to strict discipline practices 1999Auric Reading Therapist Expert 1999Aromaterapy Therapist Certified-1999Cromotherapy Praticioner-1999Candle Therapist 1999 Motivational speaker to groups up to 300 peoplePositive Attitude Instructor  for Children between 3 and 6 year Angelic Card Reader specialist -Doreen Virtue school 2011Kryon Blue Print Therapist 2011Life Coaching Certified  Achology  Accredited 2018Mindfullness Practicioner _Achology  Accredited 2018Certified Angelic Healing Practitioner -2018Certified Advance Angelic Healing -2018Certified Golden Ray Angelic Healing Teacher-2018Professional fully Accredited NPL certification-2018Reiky Grand Master level 5 to 20 _Aime Phlegar_2018Reiky Grand Master Certification level 1 to 9 _Sensei joshep PHD_instructor. 2018CBT cognitive behavior life coach_Transformation Academy _2018CBT4PANIC_overcome panic and anxiety attacks_Robin hall Instructor_2019Goal Setting to Success _life Coach Certification Accreditated_ Transformation Academic_ Joeel &Natalie Rivera Top Instructors UdemyHappiness _life Coach_ Certification Accreditated_ Transformation Academic_ Joeel &Natalie Rivera Top Instructors UdemySocial Worker for Senior Public shelter homes,  Rehabilitation Public homes for Drug Addicts, Prostitutes. Political and spiritual  Adviser Women and young people  Battered by groups outside the law Guerrilla and Drug Trafficking   More than 20 years of Experience-a lot consultants with significant testimonies.Creator of :Coach Orion Coach Centurion Coach Aren EgilCoach Angelico BasicoCoach Master en Angeologia Coach Master en ArcangeologiaCoach Grand Master en Angeologia & ArcangeologiaProfessionalism, Experience and Excellence are my personal hallmark Professional Profile MBA- Master in Business Administration. With emphasis in Humanistic – Valle University Colombia. 2014 ( 3 years) 

  Business Administration bachelor degree With emphasis in Marketing Management, Pontifical Javeriana University Cali. October 2007 (five years)

  OSHA 30-General Industry  Certified  (June 13, 2018)Customer Service and warm welcoming(Diamond Resorts Orlando Florida 2018Managing Guest Upset Course (Diamond Resorts International Orlando Florida February 2018.)

  Security in the handling of electronic data Course (Diamond Resorts International Orlando Florida May 2017.

  Sexual harassment Course (Diamond Resorts International Orlando Florida August 2016.

  Ethnic diversity at work Course (Diamond Resorts International Orlando Florida, July 2016

   Book writer of business administration with emphasis on humanistic,

  “The history of farmer that became a manager in one of the most important latin food company”


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Coach en Angeologia para principiantes

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Como entrar en el reino de lo sobrenaturalComo descubrir la presencia de un AngelComo hablar con un AngelComo recibir asistencia en todas las áreas de nuestra vida a través de un ÁngelComo encontrar el propósito de vida con la ayuda de los ángelesDonde conectar con los Ángeles del cieloCuando conectar con los Ángeles del CieloQuienes son los AngelesPorque Conectar con el Mundo de los ÁngelesPara que Conectar y conocer el reino de los ÁngelesSer capaz de reconocer e identificar como entrar el reino AngelicalSer capaz de reconocer la voz o el mensaje de un AngelSer capaz de sanarme y ayudar en el proceso de sanación de otros a través de los ángelesPertenecer al ejercito AngelicalCalificación del instructor: 4,875 reseñas837 estudiantes4 cursos

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RequisitosSer capaz de reconocer e identificar como entrar el reino AngelicalSer capaz de reconocer la voz o el mensaje de un AngelSer capaz de sanarme y ayudar en el proceso de sanación de otros a través de los ángelesPertenecer al ejercito Angelical

Acerca de Coach en Angeologia para principiantes

  • Instructor: Norma Vega Valencia
  • Idioma: Español
  • Categoría: Estilo de vida
  • Plataforma: Udemy
  • Cantidad de veces visto: 835

Descripción del curso:

DescripciónComo convertirte en un Asesor del cielo será lo descubras en este entrenamiento. Como entrar en el tercer cielo y convertirte en un agente activo del propósito divino del creador. Un facilitador que transforme su vida y que también ayude a transformar la vida de otros. Se activara de manera sobrenatural tu ADN cristico para que después de este entrenamiento veas las promesas de Dios hecha realidad y totalmente manifestadas en tu vida. Se activaran todos tus sentidos de manera extrasensorial marcando una nueva etapa en tu vida. Encontraras paz, alegría y equilibro. Serás un nuevo portado de luz de las huestes angelicales. Serás de gran bendición para ese planeta. Tu vida nunca será igual después de este entrenamiento será mejor. Profesionalismo, experticia, honestidad, transparencia son el sello indeleble de esta producción . Una gran misión te espera.Yo soy Norma vega, una hija del Dios Altísimo que recibió dones a muy temprana edad. Soy una mujer que he tenido que enfrentar múltiples situaciones muy dolorosas como la pérdida del amor de mi vida, maltrato físico, verbal, quiebras económicas entre muchas otras. Tuve que enfrentar magia negra y Vudú los cuales casi destrozan mi vida por completo. Fui vista y atendida por múltiples médicos y expertos en salud mental pero ninguno pudo dar solución a los múltiples síntomas inexplicables que experimentaba. Sufrí ataques de toda índole como pesadillas, miedos, angustias, depresión, desesperos, paranoia sin razón alguna de ser. Hasta que en un momento de desesperación total y de querer terminar con mi vida tuve un sueño que cambio mi vida. Jesús vino a rescatarme. Desde ese momento mi vida se partió en dos y ahora soy una nueva creatura en El. Es por ello que quiero compartirles lo que me paso y como he logrado sanar y empezar un nuevo caminar más estable, prospero y sano. Los espero con mucho amor.Life CoachCon mas de 20 anos de experiencia en el temaMúltiples testimonios me acompañan¿Para quién es este curso?Todos aquellos interesados en ser Coach y representantes del mundo angélico , Nivel Básico Principiante

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